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FOR YOU BASHERS (no offense to the OC critics) OUT THERE, I AM STILL RESEARCHING MY CHARACTER. If you can understand this little note in bold text then please, DONT ACT LIKE YOU'RE JEALOUS OR TROLL ALL OVER THIS ACCOUNT. Now you can clearly see that I am still working on my research! Don't even think about spamming my comments with "DO YOUR RESEARCH BLABLABLA" because I already know I have to! uwu
Young Mi is a woman with a fair skin tone, with a tad bit choppy black hair and a slick of hair representing her country's capital. She also stands at 5 feet and 7 inches. Her eyes are a dark red, and very sharp looking and mean. Her lips are thin and light pink, and almost all the time never smiles. Her normal attire is her military outfit, forest green with brass buttons. Her attire is fastened by a brown belt that also goes over her right shoulder and black shoes. If not, then she wears a dirty purple hanbok with white silk under as her long baggy sleeves and dress. Her slippers are covered by that long dress of hers.
This country is rather quiet, but very sharp-tongued. She doesn't care about the insults she gives out and her harsh manners. Young Mi is really not outgoing and recommended as not someone to hang around with because of her attitude. People say she's boring and really doesn't do anything but blabber about herself. Don't try to get on her bad side. She can become extremely angry and try to threaten you with her axe.


Pyongyang, North Korea. With a view of the Ryugyong Hotel



But I'm in a better shape now..
North Korea

조선 민주주의 인민 공화국 ❀

*This is a roleplay and ask account!

Name: Im Young Mi 임영미
(Im being South Korea's last name and a family name.
Young Mi translates to Properity; eternal and beauty. The western order for the name would be Young Mi Im)
Gender: Female
Age: 1,968+
Physical Age: 20

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 133 lbs
Birthday: There are many birthdays.
I am going with the most accurate one, which is August 15th.
The liberation date of Korea, her current birthday input may not be the correct one.
Represents: North Korea

National Anthem: Aegukka
Capital: Pyongyang
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Dark red
{im debating on whether i should change this.}
Religion: Buddhism
S.O.: Heterosexual
Faceclaim: Taemin Lee

Theme: Arirang


About North Korea

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or DPRK for short, is a country located in East Asia, in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang is it's largest city by land area and population. The KDZ serves as a boundary between this country and South Korea. The Tumen River and Amnok river forms the international border between NK and China, also a small section of the Tumen River is located along the Russian Federation's border, which is the international border between Russia and NK.

In the late 19th to the early 20th century, the Korean Peninsula was governed by the Korean Empire, until in 1910 when it was annexed by the Japanese Empire. Following Japan's surrender at WWII's end, the Japanese rule came to a stop. In 1945, the Korean Peninsula was divided into two occupied zones, in which the northern half was occupied by the Soviet Union, and the southern by the USA. a United Nations election that was held in 1948 led to the making of seperate Korean goverments for two occupation zones, DPRK in the North and the Republic of Korea (SK) in the South. North and South Korea wanted to claim sovereignty over the whole Korean Peninsula, which leads in 1950 to the start of the Korean War. In 1953, an armistice committed both countries to a cease-fire, but the two still remain at war because a formal peace treaty was never signed. Both of the states were accepted into United Nations in 1991.

North Korea is a single party under a united front which is led by KWP, or the Korean Worker's Party. The government follows the Juche ideology of self-reliance, which was initiated by North Korea's first president, Kim Il-sung. After his death, he was declared North Korea's Eternal President. The Juche self-reliance became the state's official ideology, which replaces Marxism Lenanism, when the country adopted a new constitution in 1972. Because of the dissolution with the Soviet Union on December 1991, North Korea had lost a strategic ally and major trading partner. Mixed in with the series of disasters, this event lead to the North Korea famine, which lasted from the year 1994 to 1998. About 800,00 to 3,500,000 people died throughout the famine. North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Il apoted Songun, otherwise "military-first" policy in order to make the country stronger and the government. In 2009, references to Communism were removed from Korea's constitution and legal documents altogether.

The country is described as a totalitarian, Stalinist dictatorship with an elaborate cult of personality around the Kim family and has one of the lowest-ranking human rights records of any country. And because of its isolation and authoritarian rule, it sometimes has been labeled The Hermit Kingdom, a name once given to its predecessor, the Korean Empire. In the year of 2011, North Korea had the lowest Democracy Index of any nation on the Earth. It is even the world's most militarized countries, with a total of 9,495,000 active, reserve, and paramilitary personnel. It's active army of 1.21 million is the 4th largest, after China, America and India. North Korea is a nuclear-weapons state and has an active space program.

Korean People's Army Ground Force (KPA or KPAGF)

The KPA was formed in the late 1940s and outnumbered and outgunned ROKA, (Republic of Korea Army) on the outbreak of their war between eachother (The Korean War) in June 1950. North Korean ground forces formations that have fought in the Korean War included the II and V Corps. (WIP)


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